U.S. Army Walkie Talkies (66001)

Perfect for your next mission to stay in contact. Works up to 200 feet with a code key and belt clip.


66003-US Army Walkie Talkies with Firgures Card (mass) 9.15.14-3D

U.S. Army Walkie Talkies with 2 Bonus Figures (66003)

This pair of walkie talkies are ready for some exciting, imagination play adventures. With the bonus figures the walkie talkies also have a code key and include belt clips.


66085 Rocket Launcher

U.S. Army Rocket Launcher (66085)

Perfect for the backyard. This toy rocket launcher comes fully equipped with a scope, lights, sounds and two safe foam missiles.



U.S. Army Camo Walkie Talkies and Binocular Set (66093)

Set is perfect for a kid solider to communicate and watch out for his friends in combat. Walkie talkies work up to 200 feet.


66100 - M16 Rifle

U.S. Army M16 Rifle with Scope (66100)

This battery operated toy M16 rifle with sounds and a light up muzzle is perfect for the next play shoot out.

66101 - M16 Rifle

U.S. Army M16 Machine Gun (66101)

Top ranking kid officers love this toy m16 for hours of fun. This M-16 lights and sounds Machine Gun ejects play rifle shells and has a working magazine.


U.S. Army 9MM Pistol (66102)

Pull the trigger for lights and sounds with this 9MM toy pistol.

66103 - Submachine Gun

U.S. Army Submachine Gun (66103)

Jump into action with this realistic sub machine gun. Handle extends or retracts for a perfect pretend shot.


U.S. Army Bazooka (66104)

Perfect for your next backyard war. With sounds, light up features and a scope your child will think this toy bazooka is like the one they hear about from Grandpa’s war stories.

66107-US Army 9MM Pistol with Silencer

U.S. Army 9MM Pistol with Silencer (66107)

Perfect for on the move kid soldiers. This 9mm toy pistol has a scope and a silencer so you can sneak up on your enemy.

66114 - M16 Sniper Rifle

U.S. Army M16 Sniper Rifle with BiPod (66114)

This life-like M16 sniper rifle with scope and bipod will let your child believe they are in combat. The toy rifle has realistic sounds and a light up muzzle.



U.S. Army Camo Tent (66405)

Before your next combat, assemble this tent to stay camouflaged.

66605 - US Army Night Vision Goggles

U.S. Army Night Vision Goggles (66605)

Get into the action solider! These Night Vision Goggles have tinted lenses for day and hands-free illumination for night, giving your soldier the chance to explore during the dark hours with ease.

66610-US Army Night Vision Scope

U.S. Army Night Vision Scope (66610)

Your soldier is on their next secret mission and need to stay hidden in the shadows. This Night Vision Scope will give them a big view with its wide angle lens and light up their target in the night .

66615-US Army Patrol Helmet with Scope

U.S. Army Patrol Helmet with Scope (66615)

Using this patrol helmet with a pivoting and rotating scope will help your little soldier focus in on their target while staying hidden. Night vision goggles sold separately.