Rockin’ Girl Guitar & Stage Mic Set (40025)

Have your child practice their rock star moves. The set includes a retractable microphone that features volume adjustment and sound effects, allowing your children to use their vocals as an instrument. This toy guitar is sure to provide entertainment for the whole family.


44400 clean

Rockin’ Girl Groovin’ Guitar with Headset Mic (44400)

This Groovin’ Guitar with a sing along headset is perfect for the kids who love to perform with friends or in front of the family. Guitar has three demo songs, eight sound effects, lights up and has a shoulder strap so your child can jam.

44404 clean

Rockin’ Girl 37 Key Musical Keyboard with Mic (44404)

Rockin’ Girl Keyboard features 16 rhythms, 16 musical instruments, 4 drum sounds, 22 demo songs and record & playback. Sing along microphone and songbook included.


44406 clean

Rockin’ Girl Jazzin’ Drum (44406)

Your child can march to the beat of their own drum with this one of a kind drum! Drum includes 4 drum sounds, 8 rhythms, carry handle, tempo and volume control.



Rockin’ Girl Rockin’ Guitar (44410)

Get ready to rock with this guitar. Guitar has 3 demo songs, a shoulder strap and it lights up!


44412-Rockin Girl Acoustic Guitar

Rockin’ Girl 30″ Acoustic Guitar (44412)

Let your child learn to play on this 30″ acoustic guitar. Guitar is constructed of quality wood, steel strings with a protective finish so the music will never fade. Included with the guitar is a booklet on how to play guitar and a pick.


Rockin’ Girl Stylin’ Voice Mic (44418)

Amplify your voice & sing like a pro! Cool rhythms & applause sound effect to hear the crowd go wild!

44420-Rockin Girl Sing N Jam Stage

Rockin’ Girl Sing N’ Jam Stage Mic (44420)

Allow your child to let out their inner vocals and jam with this stage mic. Sing along mic with stand lights up and has ten rhythms with a mp3 plug in so get ready for their next jammin’ concert.



Rockin’ Girl Walkie Talkies (44450)

Try these amazing battery operated walkie-talkies that allow you and your friends to communicate while being up to 1,000 feet away from each other.