90200-Redneck Plunger Packaging

Redneck Plunger (90200)

The World’s Funniest Plunger.  Not only does this actually PLUNGE, it also makes live shotgun sounds and stands on its end like any other plunger! This is the essential Redneck gift! Dimensions aprox. 6″ x 7″ x 31″.  Batteries included.


90201-Redneck Crap Shooter

Redneck Crap Shooter (90201)

Get this item for on your desk for ‘loads’ of fun! This novelty desktop shotgun-shaped plunger makes a bunch of fart-tastic bathroom sounds when you pull the trigger. It stands up right (aprox. 3″ x 6″ x 15″) just like the redneck plunger!  Batteries included.



Redneck Fart Blaster (90210)

Pull the handle back to create your own realistic fart noises! To adjust the fart sounds put your finger over the rubber tip. Hilarious and fun to use.  No batteries required.