90001-Outdoor Hunter Walkie Talkies Card (mass) 9.30.14-3D

Outdoor Hunter Walkie Talkies (90001)

Kids love these walkie talkies! They have a range up to 200 feet! Great way to stay in touch!

90030 (orange 13) foam dart pump shotgun box 3d rec'd 11.12.14

Foam Dart Pump Shotgun (90030)

90031 (orange 13) foam dart repeater box 3d rec'd 11.13.14

Foam Dart Lever Action Rifle (90031)

90032 (orange 13) foam dart bolt action rifle box 3d rec'd 11.13.14

Foam Dart Pump Bolt Action Rifle (90032)

90033-Outdoor Hunter Bolt Action Sniper Foam Dart Rifle Box-6-10-14-3D

Outdoor Hunter Bolt Action Sniper Foam Dart Rifle with Bi-Pod (90033)


Bolt Action Rifle with Scope (90079)

90080 (mass) packaging photo, 7.10.12

Pink Pump Shotgun (90080)

90086 (mass) packaging photo, rec'd 7.16.13

Light Hunter Pistols with Scope (90086)

Designed especially for kids, your child will love this realistic looking revolver. Two shell casings included. Have a blast!


90087 (mass) packaging photo, rec'd 9.23.13

Compound Bow Set (90087)

90089 bow n' arrow set

Compound Bow with Sounds – BOXED (90088)

The fun starts here with this compound bow. Comes with batteries and 3 suction cup arrows!

90090-Outdoor Hunter Pink Compound Bow packaging photo-5-5-12

Compound Bow Set – PINK (90090)

90091 (ORANGE 13) DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN BOX 3d rec'd 11.13.14

Double Barrel Shotgun (90091)

90093-Outdoor Hunter Sports Style Walkie Talkies & Binocular Set Box (mass) 9.30.14-3D

Camo Walkie Talkies and Binoculars (90093)

This set is perfect for your child’s first pair of walkie talkies and binoculars. These were designed especially for your little one! Small, compact, easy to use and ultra-lightweight!


90095 (mass) packaging photo, 7.23.13 B

Outdoor Hunter Pump Shotgun (90095)

90096 (ORANGE 13) TIMBER SCOUT RIFLE 3D BOX- recvd 5.16.13

Timber Scout Rifle (90096)

Kids love this gun because it’s almost as long as dad’s. Great sounding and so much fun! Realistic sounds and ejecting shells.

90097 (efs) (ORANGE 13) OVER-UNDER SHOTGUN 3D BOX- recvd 5.16.13

Over/Under Shotgun (90097)

This toy shotgun is safe and tons of fun! Included are play eject shells and great sound effects.

90098 (efs) (HUNTER ORANGE) BOLT ACTION CLASSIC RIFLE 3d box recvd 5.16.13

Bolt Action Classic Rifle (90098)

Realistic sounds. Be like dad with this classic rifle. Safe and so much fun! Realistic, ejecting shells.

90099 REF JPEG

3 Rifles Assortment, Pump-Bolt-Over/Under (90099)

This assortment is all you need for your little outdoor hunting adventure. With three different rifles to choose from, we are sure your child will be busy for hours. Comes with play eject shells for each gun! Realistic sounds and ejecting shells.

90111-Outdoor Hunter Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Box-6-12-14-3D

Outdoor Hunter Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Scope and Bi-Pod (90111)

90400 for ref only 7.31.13 JPEG

Hunting Blind (90400)

90401 (orange 13) Outdoor Hunter HUNTING TUNNEL box COP

Outdoor Hunter Hunting Tunnel (90401)

90072 (w legend) TEAPEE TENT box

Outdoor Hunter Hunting Playhouse (90406)

90407 () - Master_General

Outdoor Hunter Hunter Shelter (90407)

90410 (mass)packaging & product photo, 7.31.13

Hunting Blind – PINK (90410)

90414 Outdoor Hunter Camo Blind, 4.10.14

Outdoor Hunter Camo Square Blind (90414)

90415-Outdoor Hunter CAMO NETTING-10-10-13

Outdoor Hunter Camo Netting (90415)

90420 big buck inflatable dear target box(vertical) 3d  9.6.13

Inflatable Big Buck Deer Target (90420)

90425 () - Master_General

Outdoor Hunter Inflatable Big Bear Target (90425)

90430 () - Master_General

Outdoor Hunter Turkey Target (90430)

90435 3D BOAR INFLATABLE BOAR TARGET BOX 3D - rec'd 7.4.13

Outdoor Hunter Inflatable Wild Boar (90435)

90455-Outdoor Hunter Chillie Camo Poncho Box-5-9-14-3D

Outdoor Hunter Ghillie Camo Poncho (90455)

90520-Outdoor Hunter Crossbow Set

Outdoor Hunter Cross Bow Set (90520)

95678-Outdoor Hunter Rifle Assortment CARDED-12-9-13

Outdoor Hunter Rifle Assortment-Carded (95678)

Have a blast, with this realistic assortment of rifles and shotguns! Realistic sounds and ejecting shells.

99296V-Outdoor Hunter Mega Hunting Playset Box (Bow No Sound)-08-16-14-3D

Mega Hunting Playset – Shotgun, Bow, Binoculars (99296V)

This set is great for your child’s first collection of sporting accessories. Comes with shotgun, bow & arrow, and binoculars. So much to choose from!

99598-Outdoor Hunter Mega Hunting Combo Set-12-9-13

Outdoor Hunter Mega Hunting Playset (99598)