Kidz Toyz is bringing the spirited world of emoji’s off of our screens and to life with the release of their Mini Mojis™ line, featuring over 100 collectible expressibles™ with universal appeal.

The Mini Mojis™ collection includes characters with their own unique names and personalities to match. There are 12 categories of the collectibles, varying by rarity, including the food inspired Foodeez, the cute and cuddly Petite Petz, and Lil’ Stinkers, everyone’s favorite poop emoji.

Mini Mojis TM Blind Bag

Mini Mojis™ Blind 2 Pack (18000)

The suspense is never-ending with the Mini Mojis™ Blind 2 Pack. Each blind pack comes with 2 surprise characters, so be sure to collect all 100 plus and trade with your friends – it’s the new currency of the playground!

Mini Mojis 6 Pack

Mini Mojis™ 6 Pack (18006)

Collect how you feel with the Mini Mojis™ 6 Pack, which includes 5 of your favorite collectible expressibles and 1 surprise Mini Moji™. These pocket-sized figures make for a #SmileyFace all day long!


Mini Mojis™ 12 Pack (18012)

Bring a wide range of your emotions to life with the Mini Mojis™ 12 Pack, which includes 2 surprise characters and a carry case. These collectible expressibles™ range in category and rarity, so be sure to use the included Collector’s Guide to find out who’s who!