Walkie Talkies

All walkie talkies have a frequency of 49.86 megahertz and require one 9 volt battery per walkie talkie except where noted.

22210-Kawasaki Sports 200 WT - Purple

Kawasaki Sports Style Walkie Talkies (22210)

These handheld, portable walkie-talkies will be sure to grasp your child’s attention. With working distance up to 200 feet your child will learn how to communicate using radio waves! Another awesome feature is that of our walkie-talkies operate on the same frequency!


22245 w.t. card

Kawasaki Mini Walkie Talkies (22245)

These mini walkie talkies are perfect for children. They are small so they are even easier to hold and can be stored in a pocket! Features Morse code capabilities, flexible antenna and belt clip. 8 AG 13 batteries included.


Kawasaki 1,000 Foot Walkie Talkies (22297)

These great walkie-talkies work up to an incredible 1,000 foot range distance! You and your friends will be able to send and receive messages with these super cool walkie talkies! Included on each walkie- talkie is a flashlight and Morse code button!


22298-Kawasaki 1500 Long Range-1-6-14

Kawasaki Long Range Walkie Talkies (22298)

Try these amazing battery operated walkie-talkies that allow you and your friends to communicate while being up to 1,500 feet away from each other. The Morse code buttons will be sure to keep you and your friend on the same page! Stay connected with your friends and family on outdoor adventures!