77010 slide

Slide Guitar (77010)

Ready to rock out of the box! This guitar has six guitar notes, four rhythms, three melodies and a whammy bar!


77012-Kawasaki Power House Guitar

Power House Guitar (77012)

Get your little rocker started early with there very own amazing guitar! Play and listen to realistic rock guitar sounds. Jam out as if you are the lead guitarist in the band!


77015-Kawasaki Groovin Guitar

Groovin’ Guitar (77015)

Groove to the sounds of this one of a kind guitar. With a strap around their shoulder and sounds that are so electrifying, your little one will sure feel like the star they are!


77017-Kawasaki Digital Guitar (mass) 10.24.14-3D

Digital Guitar (77017)

Try this awesome digital guitar. You won’t be able to put this one down! Play along with the wonderful beats and sounds this guitar has to offer!