77057-Kawasaki Wireless Drum Sticks

Wireless Drum Sticks (77057)

Get ready to rock with wireless sticks that allow you to play music in the air! Move the sticks to create 3 drum sounds. They also light up! (batteries included)


77059-Kawasaki Drum Pad Box (mass) 9.15.14-3D

3 Pad Drum (77059)

This 3 pad drum will sure start the little ones in the fun of music making.

  • 6 Rhythms
  • 3 Drum Sounds


77067-Kawasaki Jazzin Drum

Jazzin’ Drum (77067)

Your child can march to the beat of their own drum with this one of a kind drum set! Carry handle to take anywhere.

  • 8 Rhythms
  • 4 Drum Sounds


77074 (big k) (efs) 8 PAD DIGITAL DRUM BOX 3d rec'd 12.31.13

Portable 8 Pad Digital Drum (77074)

This 8 pad drum will create all kinds of music.

  • 8 Rhythms
  • 8 Sound Effects
  • 16 Drum Sounds