customer reviews

Your staff has been VERY helpful. Excellent customer service. Such a rare thing nowadays. Thank you very much.

Donna, Hillbank

The Outdoor Hunter Pop-Up hunting blind was a gift to a friends son who is 2 years old. He loved it and plays inside all the time. They had to take to it to the babysitters because it is his favorite item.

John - Arkansas

You are very gracious!  How refreshing. Much appreciation.


Richard G.

I just want to thank you so much for sending a replacement mike for the Kowasaki Keyboard I requested.  Best customer service ever! Thanks Again!

Patricia R.

Thank you again for the microphone.  We really like the keyboard and would recommend it to others.

Sincerely, Char, WI

Thank you so much for all your help! We received the new keyboard on Monday and my son was very excited!

Regards, Mary I.

My son wanted a drum set for Christmas. We weren’t really looking for a “traditional” drum set. We wanted something that was electronic but still had the traditional drum sound. The digital drum product has it! It has so many features that we love to experiment with. Every family member ended up trying it on Christmas morning. My son loves it and plays it almost every day!

Sue, Massachusetts

My grandson was so excited; he called me long distance to thank me for his toy after pestering his parents to open it at 5am. He said the sound quality is wonderful.

Diane, Kansas

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